Brunel University

The Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC) is a world class research and technology centre that sits between the knowledge base and industry offering high quality research in an innovative environment focused on non-destructive testing, condition and structural health monitoring, power ultrasonics and allied technologies covering a range of materials, sensors, electronics and software systems supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application.

Core Working Areas

•  Condition and structural health monitoring
•  Advanced signal and image processing algorithms including machine learning
•  State-of-the-art power ultrasonic systems for inspection and cleaning
•  Smart non-destructive testing
•  Numerical modelling and fluid structure interaction
•  Digital twin technology
•  IoT and data analytics

Within DiMOS

The principal mission of BIC is to establish an advanced data analytics algorithm to enhance failure detection after a careful assessment of current maintenance methods, standards and requirements. The developed algorithm will then be integrated in the risk-based model and software platform as developed by our project partners TWI and KCC respectively.

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