DiMOS Project - Digital Monitoring of Ships

The DiMOS project proposes a prescriptive maintenance digital platform for condition monitoring and maintenance planning of ship’s structure, engine machinery and auxiliary system by real-time sensor data and AI-based models to prescribe maintenance based on monitored condition and taking into account risk level, maintenance timing and associated cost.

The project is scheduled to last two years and will be carried out by bringing together the combined expertise four partners who have specialist skills in the required areas of development. The UK government body Innovate UK understands the importance of this initiative and is providing approximately £2 million of grant funding for the project.

DiMOS will accomplish the following:

  • #1
    Integrate ship monitoring and maintenance systems into a single platform to avoid multiple fragmented on-board maintenance systems.
  • #2
    Provide a prescriptive diagnostic approach in addition to the standard predictive condition monitoring approach. By 'prescriptive', we mean that the system learns from its experience and is able to apply the same rules when an issue re-occurs.
  • #3
    In many cases, alleviate the requirement for manual interpretation of data that can lead to wrong assumptions and misdirected expenditure.